Hamilton Reveals more Info about Crash with Rosberg in Spain

Lewis Hamilton has divulged what was going on in his helmet as his three-wheeled Mercedes bounced across the Catalunyan gravel.

Hamilton has slowly but surely eaten away at Nico Rosberg’s lead in the driver standings, but it hasn’t been smooth sailing. When reminiscing about the darkest moment in Mercedes’ season so far, Hamilton revealed,

“Spain has definitely ended up being a turning point… It didn’t feel like it was; it was rock bottom: ‘Basically, where do we go from here?’ The only way was up.

I managed to get my head together and get on with it even though I have fewer engines, and all these different things that didn’t seem to be working with me, just deal with it.”

– Lewis Hamilton

The rivalry is incredible for the sport.
The rivalry is incredible for the sport.

Hamilton does still have the engine headache to worry about, and has mentioned very publicly that the penalty will likely be taken at Monza, Italy or Spa, Belgium. The openness to such a strategic decision seems disingenuous though, and we still think that Hamilton might take the grid penalty in Hockenheim next weekend. It’s a track the Brit has proven himself on before. The last race there saw him start from p20 after a brakes failure in qualifying and finish the race in 3rd. Why not take it now and dominate the Italian and Belgian Grand Prix’?

Now that Lewis leads the driver standings he is clear in his intention to remain at the top but remains hyper-critical of himself. He said,

“I don’t really want to get back to there. I honestly feel we are in the strongest position we have been all year in terms of our performance and how unified we are.

I am very proud of coming back, but there’s a long way to go.┬áRight now, I am still with the same mentality of still chasing.”

– Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton will probably take the pressure off himself if he builds up a lead of over 25 points at the top. That way, if there is another error on his car, he will still have an edge over Nico Rosberg. The German will have other ideas though…

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