WATCH: DeMarcus Cousins confronts reporter for talking about his brother

DeMarcus Cousins held nothing back when he confronted a local reporter who wrote a piece criticizing Cousins for his recent nightclub incident and mentioned the superstar’s brother.

DeMarcus will not be suspended for the incident, but will be forced to pay a $50,000 fine. Cousins was clearly more upset that the reporter mentioned his brother, who plays for the Texas Legends in the NBA’s D league. This is not Boogie’s first run in with the local media; this just seemed to be the tipping point.


Professional athletes and media have a strange relationship; on one hand it is the media’s job to be critical about the team they cover and its players. On the other hand they rely on those same players for quotes and expect access. Boogie was out of line in this situation, but I understand where he was coming from. He expects the scrutiny from the local media, but takes exception to a reporter bringing up past incidents that involve his brother. I am actually surprised there aren’t more publicized confrontations between players and media.

Dez is very similar to Cousins, both supremely talented players who are labeled as hot-heads or confrontational. Because of their reputations any spat with media receives extra attention, but when coaches have run-ins with reporters we usually give them the benefit of the doubt.



Despite his reputation, DeMarcus Cousins is a top 10 talent in the NBA. There have been continuous rumors surrounding him being traded from Sacramento, but the Kings have yet to pull the trigger. The problem is there is no way to get equal value for a player like Boogie, and he is too talented to trade him for pennies on the dollar.



The only reason to move Cousins if you’re the Kings is his immature behavior, which reveals itself on and off the court. The best thing for Boogie as a player would be a move to a franchise with a respected coach and infrastructure. I’m not ready to write off such a talented player, especially after spending his whole career with Sacramento, one of the most inept franchises in the NBA.

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