Bernie Ecclestone’s mother-in-law has been kidnapped

Sharon Wong

Bernie Ecclestone experiences the terrible downsides to stepping on too many toes, or simply being too bloody rich.

(Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images)
(Photo by Dan Istitene/Getty Images)

According to Brazilian media67-year old Aparecida Schunck was nabbed in the Interlagos area of Sao Paulo on Friday. Perhaps not an unusual occurrence in and of itself, but the details get stranger the more you find out. The ransom placed on her head amounts to 120 million Reals (36.5 million USD), the largest ransom sum ever asked for in all of Brazilian history. Not surprising, if you knew exactly who this unassuming middle-aged lady is connected to. She just so happens Bernie Ecclestone’s much younger mother-in-law.

Her daughter Fabiana Flosi, the one-time Vice President of Marketing for the Brazilian Grand Prix, was 35 when she married then 81-year old Ecclestone in 2012. He’d left his second wife Slavica and mother of his two daughters to be with her. Certainly not the most discreet of matrimonial unions, but then, Bernie’s never been much of a wallflower to begin with.

Source: Alexander Nemenov
Source: Alexander Nemenov

His penchant for loud living and questionable business practices has put him on the radar for such unwanted attention before. In 2012, Martin Peckham landed in the slammer for five years for threatening to kidnap Tamara Ecclestone if he wasn’t paid £200,000.

Not only is this kidnapping a disaster for Ecclestone but for the nation of Brazil itself. The South American host for the Olympics has experienced one miniature disaster after another in the months leading to the game. Brazil is experiencing its worst economic crisis in decades and is currently being assailed by a host of exotic tropical diseases, not least of which is the dreaded Zika virus. The last thing it needs 10 days before the Olympic commencement is news of a high-profile kidnapping.

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