Button: F1 Doesn’t need Halo, the Covenant or Master Chief

McLaren driver Jenson Button has announced that Halo and everything that comes with it has no place in Formula One and has questioned the direction that the sport is taking.

Button seemed completely taken aback by the prospect of involving an artificial ring-world created by the Forerunners with Formula One, stating,

“To be blunt, I think it’s a ridiculous proposition that will actually make the racing more dangerous. The last thing this sport needs is an alien hierarchy like the Covenant threatening us from the sky whilst we try and race. If they have the technology to turn planets to glass, then we’re pretty f*cked aren’t we?

And this Master Chief guy is already being linked with my seat in the press. I can’t stand it. Yeah, he’s a pretty cool guy, saving the human race from extinction, but is he a charity-giving triathlete? Nah. He wouldn’t be allowed to race anyway, the little blue bird that lives in his cheesebox breaches FIA radio restriction rules doesn’t it?”

– Jenson Button


Despite Button’s clear rejection towards the idea, Williams’ chief engineer Pat Symonds completely disagrees. The Formula One veteran said that,

“The possibilities of utilizing Covenant technology is limitless. I got invited to an industry event a few days ago that allowed me to have a look at some Covenant vehicles. I believe that the technology, the intricacies of the anti-gravitational items on the Ghost and the Banshee models are spectacular.

I can really see this directing the sport forwards.”

– Pat Symonds

The Ghost's anti-grav system is currently being researched at the Williams engineering center in Qatar...
The Ghost’s anti-grav system is currently being researched at the Williams engineering center in Qatar…

The rumours surrounding the introduction of Halo and everything that comes with it for the 2017 season just won’t go away. To add fuel to the fire, Bernie Ecclestone was recently seen smoking a doobie outside the Grosvesnor Hotel in London with the Prophet of Regret.

When we quizzed the Master Chief on the matter, he only had this to say,

“I don’t know yet, it depends on how long the game franchise is milked for.”

– Master Chief


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