5 of the best Hockenheim Moments

With the German Grand Prix quickly approaching, we’ve dug up some of the best moments from Hockenheim in recent Formula One history. 

5. Martin Brundle’s grid walk reveals drastic height difference between Shaquille O’Neal and Bernie Ecclestone – 2001

4. Nelson Piquet completely loses his sh*t – 1982

Piquet was on for the win, but was taken out by Salazar whilst the Brazilian attempted to lap the driver. The result was a pissed off Piquet landing a few uppercuts.

3. Rubens Barrichello finally wins – 2000


A very tearful Brazilian gets his first ever win in Formula One. Barrichello, often a bit-part driver to the Michael Schumacher project, optimized the German’s earlier retirement and tastes the champagne on the top spot. He started in 18th after qualifying, a day the Rubens described as “the worst day ever”. What a recovery drive!

2. Double Hammertime – 2014

Kimi lines up Ricciardo on the inside but leaves the door open for Lewis Hamilton, who positions his car perfectly at the apex to pull off a great double-overtake. The Finn wasn’t too impressed, but that’s racing! This was only one of Hamilton’s many overtakes at Hockenheim in 2014 after starting 20th but finishing 3rd. A race that showcased everything in Hamilton’s locker.

1. “Fernando is faster than you.” – 2010

Team orders were illegal in 2010 and Felipe Massa was denied a great race win so that Alonso could win the race. The most inorganic overtake you will ever see. Alonso probably still denies it happened….

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