Sainz: Toro Rosso’s Chances against McLaren rely on Germany Upgrade

Carlos Sainz has without doubt been one of the stars of 2016 so far. When you consider that Mercedes recently released data confirming that Toro Rosso have the weakest power unit on the grid, the points-scoring finishes of the young Spaniard become even more impressive.

Sainz has admitted that McLaren look to have surpassed the Italian squad in terms of performance, but they still hold a 7-point lead in the Constructor battle for 6th. Sainz finished the Hungarian GP in 8th, just behind his compatriot Fernando Alonso. Sainz was very honest in his take on the battle between Toro Rosso and McLaren, saying,

“Obviously Fernando got us at the start, and then it wasn’t possible to pass him. I think he had a couple of tenths on us, and it was impossible to get closer than three seconds. I think he was controlling us.

McLaren has definitely got ahead of us. It’s a bit worrying knowing how much of the season is left, and their development rate. But we will try to compensate that and we will try to go as fast as possible and see if we can pull them back.”

– Carlos Sainz

Toro Rosso have a big update for the STR11, and Sainz is hoping it will claw back some performance for the German GP. He said,

“We have a step hopefully coming on in Germany. There we should do a step forward in performance.

This will be the first time I drive the Hockenheim circuit in a Formula 1 car and I’m looking forward to it. I’ve prepared well with plenty of time in the simulator, which has given me a good idea of what to expect.”

– Carlos Sainz

The fact that McLaren are celebrating a milestone in improvement because they are finally outperforming a car with a 2015-spec Ferrari engine just goes to highlight how far the British team have fallen from grace. It hasn’t been a pretty season for McLaren, who will have to outscore Toro Rosso by 7 points if they want to enter the summer break 6th in the standings…



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