Gutierrez still Raging at Hamilton’s Hungary Finger – The Omni-Ego won’t Apologize

Gutierrez, like all other drivers, was hit by a wall of press at the airport when he arrived in Hockenheim. However, the Mexican’s mind remained transfixed on the gesture that Hamilton gave him during the race in Hungary. 

It’s clear that Gutierrez is after a public apology, but there’s more chance of him winning a race than getting Hamilton to grovel in front of a camera. Whilst Hamilton did show a mark of clear disrespect to the Haas driver during the Hungarian GP, it happened at over 200mph, during a race in which Rosberg was hot on Hamilton’s heels. Consider adrenaline Esteban!

Gutierrez is asked about the naughty swear by German press.
Gutierrez is asked about the naughty swear by German press.


But Gutierrez just won’t budge. He told the press,

“He must be aware that people are looking up to him and if he wants to give a good example this is not the way to do it.

It’s also not a good thing to criticize an opponent who is trying to do his best and trying to do the safest thing. He must be aware he has a car which is much more superior to my car.

But for him being a world champion it is even more important in his position to give the right example – not only to kids but to the world.”

– Esteban Gutierrez

Fuck Off Ham

Whilst Gutierrez does have a point, bringing the issue to Hockenheim is surely going to only give the incident more traction and certify that more of the “kids” and the “world” are going to see it. During the live coverage of the race, it wasn’t even that visible. Maybe Hamilton was just telling Gutierrez what position he was in?

One thing the Mexican won’t get is an apology in front of the press. Hamilton has reached out to Gutierrez after the Hungaroring, but the Haas driver seems to be waiting for something more public-facing. Just sort it out behind closed doors and stop whinging about it…




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