Ricciardo celebrates the German Grand Prix in truly nauseating fashion

Sharon Wong

Daniel Ricciardo brings a curious custom from Down Under to the German Grand Prix… that has most of us throwing up in our mouths. 

In the wake of a big race, all sorts of festive shenanigans are afoot. Drivers start cheering, screaming, crying, spraying one another with bubbly, thanking their mothers… all very run-of-the-mill. Then, your eyes rest upon Daniel Ricciardo for a split second and you’ll do a double take. It’s the sort of sight you want to be viewing on an empty stomach, foam running down the sides of his mouth as he drains champagne from a boot that smells like a ripe armpit. Unless, of course, you’re a fellow Aussie, in which case he’d just be doing his nation proud with one of its most celebrated customs.

“It’s an Australian thing. It’s called a ‘shoey’.”

Daniel Ricciardo

A shoey is basically the practice of downing an alcoholic beverage from well-used footwear. And well, what better time to do it than when you’ve made podium at a race? Or when your countryman’s been doing the same thing when he sealed his own maiden victory in the Netherlands? Now that Jack Miller’s done it in Holland, Ricciardo has no excuse for not throwing one back for ‘Straya.

National pride does come in all shapes and (shoe) sizes, so we’ve learnt.

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