WATCH: Drunk on foot juice, Ricciardo makes an embarrassing faux pas with a journalist

Sharon Wong

The deadly mix of champagne and sweat from a boot apparently causes you to hear Scottish accents as Irish.

Daniel Ricciardo had been planning a clever response for journalist Graham Keilloh all week. When the reporter directed a question at him in the post-race press conference, he would respond in an Irish accent as a sort of humourous homage to Keilloh’s supposed origins. Buoyed by a potent cocktail of alcohol and foot juice, Ricciardo did exactly that when a golden opportunity sprung. It’s too bad Graham Keilloh is actually Scottish.

Cue sheepish laughter from the Australian and some faltering attempts to salvage the situation. It’s too bad no one sent a journalist after the journalist to get his take on this case of mistaken identity. We’d like to know if he at least cracked a smile. Oh well. Lewis Hamilton seems to be highly entertained by the situation.

“It’s the mixture of champagne and his foot juices.”

Lewis Hamilton

So kids, lay off the shoeys for now. As we can tell, they can get the better of the most Australian of us all.

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