Carlos Sainz Rips his own Team Apart in Post-Race Rant

The young Spaniard has had a fiery post -race rant in which he’s heavily criticized members of his own team. Will this cause a lasting ripple with Toro Rosso? Or will they listen to what he has to say?

Toro Rosso had a depressing race in Germany in which Sainz only managed 14th and the out of form Kvyat finished 15th. The underlying issue for Sainz wasn’t about overall pace of the car, but the pace of his pit-crew. Pit-stop errors have cost Sainz previously. In Monaco, he was ahead of Sergio Perez and pitted on exactly the same strategy, but a long delay in the pits dropped him down the order. Perez went on to finish on the podium and Sainz was confined to 8th and a sense of ‘what could have been’ haunted his garage.

A pit-stop blunder happened again in Germany and Sainz hasn’t been discreet in his criticism.

“We are just not good enough in that area. We had improved it, we were maybe a bit better, a bit faster, but mistakes are still there, so it’s not good enough. We managed to recover from 15th to 12th, ready to go hunting for the points, but when we did a first pitstop it was a disaster.

We ended up behind all of the slower cars that we had overtaken in the first seven laps. From there you lose track position, you have to overtake all over again, you need to use your tyres to overtake them and your race is backwards from then on.

[We lost] around four seconds, but being the first pitstop it’s four positions as we are all together, battling. It’s very difficult to tell [if we could have scored points] but more than P14 was possible.

We didn’t do the maximum that the car was capable of doing because we didn’t get the pitstop right, so that’s why I’m not happy. I’m sure it would’ve been the possibility, there would’ve been a chance for the last point with Alonso and Perez, but our race was too compromised with the pitstop.”

– An on-the-brink-of-rage-quitting Carlos Sainz


Given that McLaren scored points courtesy of Jenson Button’s 8th, every single aspect of performance at Toro Rosso needs to be extracted if they are to keep their place in the constructors. The gap between Toro Rosso and McLaren has reduced to 3-points after Hockenheim and McLaren are genuinely looking stronger going into the second-half of the season.

Sainz has sent a clear message to the pit-stop crew, who have undone his hard work on several occasions now…


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