Danny Bopp: Driving for NASCAR prepared me for a life in Hollywood

Sharon Wong

In this exclusive CLICKON feature, Danny Bopp gathers us into his world of guts and glory.

A stunt driver is in the strange position of being both visible and invisible. Without him, some of our most beloved films may not even have happened. His skills and daring are essential for enacting some of the most thrilling action sequences captured on camera, but his personhood must never announce itself the way his stunts do. Who he is is always concealed by a more recognisable face, whether it is Ryan Gosling’s or Daniel Craig’s. When you peel away the stars taking the credit away from the drivers, who emerges?

One of the men you’ll meet beneath the shiny chassis is Danny Bopp. This NASCAR driver transferred his talent behind the wheel off the track and onto the small screen. The son of NASCAR crew chief and chassis builder Glenn Bopp, he burst onto the competitive circuit at age 11 and has been staying true to his racing genes since. He’s raced for both the NASCAR and ARCA driving series and has now been putting his skills to more artistic use, stunt driving on many productions like the TV series NCIS. As a member of LA Motorsports, he’s had the chance to work with some of the best performers in the industry.

So what does a daredevil of his calibre have to share with CLICKON? Only that he never actually fell in love with racing in the first place, that looking like Ryan Gosling’s important even if no one’s actually looking and that talking about his father makes him tear up. On to the viewing then.

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