Kvyat doesn’t know how much more of this season he can take

Sharon Wong

Life hasn’t been peachy for poor Daniil Kvyat since his demotion to Toro Rosso and he’s eager to plunge himself into a pool to escape the withering public eye. 

Serious Kvyat

Kvyat’s horrible year on the circuit is soon to fizzle out, thank God. He’s been through the wringer, having crashed into Seb Vettel and been ousted out of his cushy position at Red Bull by Max Verstappen. Even in Toro Rosso, a pool with small(er) fry, he’s been struggling to make much of an impression. After two tenth place finishes, he hit an all time low at Hockenheim, qualifying only in nineteenth place. After all this disappointment, he’s ready to disappear off to an uninhabited isle without a name.


“I really need it, I think, me more than anyone else. I’ve been straining myself, asking too much of myself, asking things that were not possible in this car and in these circumstances, especially when I just came to the team… Monaco, Baku worked well, I think I jumped ahead of the car performance and everything, then I felt that that was possible the next races.”

Daniil Kvyat

Perhaps, feeling a little like a crab scuttling under the weight of a predatory gaze, he’s been pushing himself to succeed under our scrutiny. After all, we were all watching when he lost his place at Red Bull and we’re still waiting for him to make something of himself in his diminished state. Or maybe the opposite is true, that we’ve lost interest in him as a genuine competitor and he’s anxious to recapture our attention. Either way, the pressure to succeed is intense and it’s been causing him more strain than is helpful.

Source: Shutterstock
Source: Shutterstock

“I think after all these things happened, I was trying to improve a bit too much, trying to ask too much of myself when it was not possible. When you do this, it’s not good because you cannot go over your own capacity. Of course I was angry at many circumstances and tried to force things, but I cannot force things and I have to just go on my instinct like I always do and like it was in the race.

“It’s easy to train yourself and that’s what I feel like I did. Now I know what I did wrong, now I have the summer break and it’s good.”

Daniil Kvyat

We do think some time away in the sun will be an invaluable opportunity for him to reevaluate things. Balmy tropical getaways tend to have an abundance of downtime for thinking things over and convenient targets for any leftover frustration from this season.


We’re looking forward to Kvyat emerging from his sojourn with a handsome tan and a new lease on life.

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