F1 2016 Game Confirms Full-Grid Multiplayer Championship Format

This announcement could change the face of F1 gaming and develop a real semi-pro/pro F1 racing community. This is what has been missing from the previous titles and the capability to have full-length championships with full-grids literally begs for a professional eSports league to be set-up.


Codemasters were initially tentative about publicizing the online feature, but now, they appear confident in being able to manage the massive task. They said,

“We’re very happy to be announcing that F1 2016 will feature multiplayer championship, a brand new game mode that allows up to 22 players to compete against each other over the course of a season.

This new mode allows you to race as team-mates or to battle it out as different teams, as well as offering great possibilities for league play.

Championships are, of course, saveable, so you can fight it out over the course of many weeks.”

– Codemasters

f1 2016 game

Here’s some insight into the potential of 22-player races for F1 2016:

The “Create your own Legend” trailer also focuses on developing your skills as an online entity:

Lead game designer Lee Mather added that,

“What we were really pleased about was that we had our vision for what we wanted F1 2016 to be, and as a team we were incredibly confident we were making not only a game that we loved but a game that the fans would go wild for.¬†We’ve got a roadmap of what we want to do with the title.

We’ve brought in the community so their involvement can help us to reaffirm that what we’re doing is the right thing for the game.

So far this year the response we’ve had has been pretty amazing.”

– Lee Mather

F1 2016 launches August 19th!

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