Bradley Smith: How can we win when they keep kicking us in the gonads?

Sharon Wong

Bradley Smith is disappointed with his less than stellar results at the Austrian GP, but he’s not blaming himself one bit.

The Austrian GP was a let-down in many ways for the Monster Yamaha Tech 3 drivers. Both Smith and Pol Espargaro ended up in ninth and tenth place finishes, not the most desirable outcome for any team. Furthermore, Smith passed the finish line 30-seconds from race winner Andrea Iannone, losing a second a lap to the Ducati rider. But he’s not really kicking himself or his team for the way the race went down. After all, there’s only so much you can do when circumstances are against you.

Source: @Paddock_GP/Twitter
Source: @Paddock_GP/Twitter

“I don’t know if we can make any more progress, you know? At the end of the day, I don’t believe that the package that we have can do anymore. I think that’s just what it is.

“That’s honestly my feeling, we’re doing the best we can. I think you can see from the results this weekend, Pol’s not a bad rider, and he did the best he could. I did a little better, and next weekend, it could be vice versa. But we always seem to be there or thereabouts on the same piece of tarmac.

“I honestly believe it’s just the package we have isn’t up to scratch. It can’t do more than it’s doing. So we’re doing the best we can with it. I don’t feel there’s progress, because we have the same stuff we’ve had since the beginning of the season. What progress are we going to make when you’ve got the same thing?”

Bradley Smith

What does he mean by package? Of course, there are complaints about equipment. He did have something to say about his bike’s snail pace and those dastardly soft tyres. But the team’s problems go far beyond what its drivers or mechanics can control and that’s the damnedest part of it all.

“I think we’re finally seeing the fact of changing these tyres and regulations has not helped satellite teams like us at all. If anything, we’ve taken a massive blow and a massive kick to the goolies, because it’s not giving us anything.”

Bradley Smith

Unfortunately, regulations favouring larger and more influential teams is hardly a new thing in motorsports. The F1 bonus payment system for its four biggest teams has been one of its biggest points of contention and Smith could possible be highlighting its MotoGP equivalent. Luckily for both Smith and Espargaro, they won’t be satellite riders any more at the end of the season, as they’re slated to switch to the new factory KTM team.

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