WATCH: Lucky Escape – Camera Tower Destroyed by Rolling Touring Car

The British Touring Car Championship provides wheel to wheel action on a lap by lap basis, which makes the task of capturing all of the action on camera a mammoth task.

This cameraman definitely got the money-shot of the race weekend at Snetterton and was lucky to escape with his life:

The race was red-flagged after Hunter Abbot’s Power Maxed Racing Chevrolet Cruze hit the side of Mark Howard’s Volkswagen and  launched into the air and started somersaulting 12 ft off the ground. The Chevrolet flipped over twice before hitting and crunching against the barrier, crashing into the scaffolding where an ITV cameraman was stood. As Abbott hit the tower, Ollie Jackson’s Audi hit into the airborne Chevrolet.

The tower breaks up and the cameraman, Phil White, is lucky to just be shaken up but unhurt, having held onto the side of the tower until it hit the ground in a motorsport-themed reenactment of the closing scenes of Titanic.


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