Fernando Alonso: Why can’t F1 be more like football?

Sharon Wong

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Alonso believes that F1 is far too hasty about changing regulations and could borrow a thing or two from football’s books.

Fernando Alonso

Have the nostalgia goggles messed with our perception far too much? It seems like Formula One is constantly looking to the past for inspiration and it’s taken its toll on regulation changes, according to Fernando Alonso. The fact that we see the sport as having something of a “Golden Age” is a big indicator that we’re never quite satisfied with what we have. Fernando Alonso, for one, has had quite enough of this. Though he admits that he’s not the biggest fan of the current regulation situation, the last thing he’d suggest is yet more changes.


“It is an issue. Sometimes we want to improve things that are already quite good.

“Like in football, how many games are there that finish 0-0? They are very boring, but they don’t change the penalty area, they don’t change to put two goalkeepers, no goalkeepers. They don’t change every week. Because it’s the sport.

“I think we had a fantastic era with the V10’s, V8’s, and sometimes safety had to improve and there were some changes to improve that. But we always seem to be more happy with what we had a couple of years ago. ”

Fernando Alonso


He does raise an interesting point. At what point do we have to stop critiquing and say to ourselves, we like this sport exactly the way it is? Ultimately of course, it’s a race in its most basic sense. But what makes an F1 race? Restricted radio communications? A certain model of engine? We talk endlessly about a Golden Age, but maybe we’re not even sure what that means. Therein lies our issue. The goalposts keep changing and the sport itself ventures into a sort of no man’s realm in which it’s not sure what it wants to be. Maybe it does need to reach a point of no compromise. After all, football hasn’t lost its legions of fans despite the aforementioned boring draws, major teams losing their touch and other complaints. Perhaps there’s something to be said for not apologising for being yourself.

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