We’re not sure if we should love or fear this new Robocar prototype


Formula E’s season 3 looms near and organizers of Roborace, the new support series for self-driving autos, are poised to reveal “DevBot” – the driverless, electric car prototype of the Robocar.

Behold the visage of DevBot, our new AI overlord:

She’s a beaut! Or rather, she will be, after a little, um, prep. The prototype, a small Lemans’ style racecar with no bodywork (mechanical bits out and proud!) is a plain jane for now, but organizers insist that inside, she’s a hungry machine equipped with the same drivetrain, sensors, computation systems and communication technology we’ll find in the final Robocar which threatened our masculinity a few months ago.
Organizers confirm that DevBot can reach speeds of up to 180 mph, despite what this video might suggest.
Notice anything…strange? Like how there’s a cabin for a human driver? Apparently, this will allow teams to test software (aka, develop artificial intelligences capable of enslaving us all) and experience the hardware planned for the final, race-ready Robocar, which, of course, won’t have a cabin. The robots need us after all – for now.
In case you forgot, Robocar is the self-driving, mechanized alligator face designed by Daniel Simon of Tron: Legacy fame:


Details are thin on the ground, but we’ll have more information when DevBot makes its public debut on August 24th, at Formula E’s open practice sessions at Donnington Park (UK).
All jokes aside, how can you not be excited for sentient cars??



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