Rosberg calls Hamilton a Safety Freak that he can beat

It was always in doubt that the Mercedes drivers would come back from their summer breaks having wiped the slate clean, but Rosberg has already brought up conflicts from earlier in the season.


In a recent interview, Rosberg said,

“It’s up and down. It’s always going to be difficult, there is always so much going on and always so much at stake. We have the necessary respect and it’s a good battle.

I just think it’s interesting to see how he’s become such a safety freak all of a sudden. That right after a double-yellow flag he decides to go to the people in charge and discuss it…he’s not known for being such a safety freak.’

The fact is I can beat him when I have a good weekend, but the fact is also that he’s beaten me the last two years.

Up to now he has done a better job. But there is still a long way to go and it’s very close, we have done half the season and we are very close on points, so it will keep being a good battle all the way to the end.”

– Nico Rosberg


Whilst Rosberg is fairly accurate in his assessment of Hamilton’s out-of-character behavior after qualifying in Hungary, it would have probably been wiser to leave the past in the past and just look forward. Rosberg clearly feels the need to match Hamilton’s off-track profile, but it doesn’t really suit the reserved German.

With Hamilton’s penalty looking likely this weekend, Rosberg needs nothing short of a race win if he’s going to make the sort of impression he feels that he’s capable of. It’s all well and good talking the talk, but drivers are primarily defined by their results.

Hamilton is yet to respond to the comments, but he’ll definitely be hassled by the press about it. What’s the worst thing that could happen between angry Mercedes drivers at Spa?

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