Why Max Verstappen Is Your Favorite Driver

Drivers fear him and laymen want to be him. Your boy Max is a born winner and likely the next face of F1 if he manages to make it to his 20s. He drives with a reckless abandon more akin to NASCAR than to Formula 1. He’s unapologetic and arrogant beyond his years; a modern day Iceman to the mavericks of the motorsport world.

Maybe it’s fine defensive driving (read: dangerous blocking) or his post-puberty radio transmission antics that have drawn me in. One can’t help but hear their inner 18-year-old self as he opines over race radio. More than that, he’s oh so aggressive.

I mean just look at this overtake move:

There’s just something about this

Maybe, however, it’s his raw talent and brash decision making that have made me a fan. His style of driving is terribly refreshing. He isn’t afraid to push his car and test himself in the process.

My relating him to Iceman is amiss. In reality, he’s much more of a modern James Hunt, though admittedly, I want him to have a longer, more championship-riddled career. The irony lies in the fact that Verstappen’s driving style has awoken the inner rage of Raikkonen in recent races – The fire in the Iceman has been resting dormant for a long time, gathering dust.

I have a better chance mastering string theory than I do understanding the skill this kid, emphasis on kid, has.

The young Dutchman has sparked debate as to what constitutes driving, his ability causing rifts up and down the paddock. Senna-esque for some, stupid for others. The fine line between defensive race-craft and lunacy has been blurred once again by the emergence of a true superstar.

Think about what makes you excited about Formula 1?

Is it precision driving? Is it calculated overtakes? Is it passion under pressure? If you answered yes to any of these, then you should pay attention to Max Verstappen.

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