Ricciardo Senses Racing Gods will offer him Victory to make up for Monaco

Red Bull’s Daniel Ricciardo is yet to taste victory in 2016 despite coming very close in Monaco. The Marina Bay street circuit is similar to Monte Carlo, if not more intense with the nocturnal heat and 2-hour race time.

The Australian has his best opportunity to win a race in Singapore given the clear advantage the RB12 wields in twisty layouts. Ricciardo said,

“I don’t believe in much, but if there is a little bit of Karma or whatever, I’d like to think I will get my Monaco win back somewhere.

Singapore is a track which I will look to. I don’t expect to be handed a victory, absolutely not, but I feel if I work very well across that weekend then it should provide me with a chance. So Singapore is the one I am looking at.”

Daniel Ricciardo


After Ferrari’s strong showing in Monza last time out, Ricciardo’s lead over Vettel in the standings has reduced to 18 points. He still has a decent gap but will be wary of the threat to 2nd in Β the Constructors. The honey badger believes that Red Bull’s ability to make the car readable and comfortable in terms of set-up accuracy is the reason that they’ll be able to fully attack the corners of Marina Bay. He added,

“What some of these updates bring, if it is a little small wing on the front wing, like a little Gurney or something like that, even if it doesn’t give you speed, doesn’t give you any laptime, sometimes these things help make the set-up of the car easier.

It expands the window and it is easier to then be comfortable with the car. Even if it doesn’t give you more downforce or something, it can maybe make the opportunity greater to get the right set-up and be happier: and then you will find a bit of speed. I think that is what it is. Which is nice.”

– Daniel Ricciardo

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