Gutierrez: ‘If Toto has Something to say, he Better say it to my face’

Esteban Gutierrez is enraged by recent comments from Toto Wolff after an incident at the Singapore Grand Prix saw the Haas driver caught up in another blue flag back-marker mess.

After Hamilton’s middle finger in Hungary for a similar offence, Gutierrez is building a reputation on the grid for the wrong reasons. The Mexican driver has struggled to move aside on many occasions as leaders and the following pack have tried to lap him.

The latest incident in Singapore occurred as Rosberg tried to fend off the charging Daniel Ricciardo. Gutierrez was in a dogfight with Felipe Massa when the leaders emerged into the picture. Massa moved over immediately to let the top two through, Gutierrez didn’t.

Toto Wolff was damning in his perception, saying,

“Felipe (Massa) immediately got out of the way. But Esteban, who is a nice guy, just kept going and was happy that has gap to Felipe was increasing. I think Gutierrez always behaves like this when someone is trying to pass him.

Every time, it’s always the same driver.”

– Toto Wolff

The FIA and the race stewards didn’t penalize the Haas driver and he didn’t respond well to Toto’s observation. He said,

“If Toto Wolff has something to say, he should tell me to my face. I find that disappointing.

Basically, people can say what they want, but there are rules. And if the stewards don’t say anything, then I have done nothing wrong.”

– Esteban Gutierrez


It’s worth mentioning that the Marina Bay street circuit is a tricky one to move aside on, but Gutierrez wasn’t as quick to get out of the way as Massa, so gained an advantage. It’s also worth noting that he did seem to keep his car in the cross-hairs of Ricciardo’s Red Bull for too long too. Who knows, this could have cost the Aussie the win?

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