Sam “DaZeD” Marine’s Angelic Analysis Forces Valve To Make A Deal With The Devil

Sam “DaZeD” Marine is undoubtedly one of the most controversial figures in modern day Counter Strike.  This incredibly talented and cunning CS player has now turned his attention towards the field of analysis, and given the reception of the community, the fit couldn’t be better.  The question now is whether or not Valve will allow ELeague to select DaZeD for their talent team.

Following the lifetime bans handed out by Valve to the members of the former iBuyPower squad, Dazed took to streaming professional pick-up games as his profession.  Several pleas and outcries from the community were directed at Valve regarding Dazed’s match fixing ban; yet Valve have refused to concede any ground.

The truly unfortunate part of Valve’s ban was that it was keeping one of the greatest minds that Counter Strike has ever seen from participating in the professional community that he helped pioneer – until recently.

In early September, ESL Pro League welcome Dazed to star as a guest analyst and caster for a few days.  While there was some scepticism and mixed reviews prior to the cast, the reception could not have been better.  Hundreds of fans called for Dazed to return and bring them the critical and unique analysis that he offered in those two days, and ESL would oblige and bring him on full time less than a week later.

The most redeeming part of this whole scenario is that not only has Dazed relished the opportunity to stay as close to the professional scene as possible given his circumstances, but that he is actually as talented a caster and analyst as he is a player.  The experience he has at the highest levels allow him to see the game in a unique light and as such has made himself an invaluable member to have as a member of the talent crews of many tournaments to come.

In a community that is unfortunately beset with negativity, it is nearly unheard of to have such overwhelmingly positive feedback.  Initially, there was fight back from conservative viewers that back up Valve’s decision whole-heartedly; however, it is evident that Dazed has won the favour of many with his analytical prowess.

Sam "DaZeD" Marine was an integral member of the infamous iBuyPower squad (Credit - GAMURS)
Source: HLTV

What will certainly be interesting to see is whether or not Valve elects to allow Dazed and his new found talent to the casting crew at the ELeague Major in January should his services be sought.   The wording of the ban itself is clear as day, reading that Dazed and company are not allow “in any capacity” to participate in Valve-sponsored events.

What Valve needs to quickly realise is that there will never be a better opportunity to both maintain Dazed’s ban, and appease the will of the Counter Strike community by allowing him to participate only in the casting and analysing aspects of the coming major.

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