Daniel Ricciardo Predicts Nico Rosberg will be World Champion

After Rosberg’s dominant display at the Singapore GP that saw the German pick up momentum in the hunt for his first ever Driver World Championship, and unlikely supporter has emerged.

The Aussie said,

“Before the summer break when Lewis made up that deficit on Nico, I thought no one was going to touch Lewis, but Nico has come back!

I’m going to throw a spanner in the works and say Rosberg [will win it].

– Daniel Ricciardo

He also emphasized the lack of small talk between the drivers. As a regular on the podium, Ricciardo has to observe the ongoing domestic between the Mercedes drivers like a cheerful Jeremy Kyle.

“It’s awkward for me because it’s so silent! I don’t like silence too much, so I’m like trying to either talk to myself or make conversation with them, but they’re happy to enjoy the awkward silence. It’s quite fun!”

– Daniel Ricciardo

Nico and Lewis try to embrace behind the scenes...
Nico and Lewis try to embrace behind the scenes…

One more lap at Singapore and Ricciardo would have been the likely winner. We doubt that Rosberg’s performance would have been highlighted in the same light had this happened, but momentum does rest with him at the moment. It would be foolish to discount a response from Hamilton though.

F1 pundit and Ex-driver Martin Brundle has also been swayed by Rosberg’s recent form and said in his latest column that,

“Rosberg has been supreme in the past month taking a full 75 points and he seems to have the confidence to go with his speed.

For the first time I feel that Nico has the speed, ingredients and confidence to take this title in a straight fight but it could well go down to the wire.”

– Martin Brundle

We still think that Lewis Hamilton will Bounce Back in Sepang – Here are four reasons why. If Rosberg can rip up the form book and win in Malaysia, Hamilton might have reason the worry.

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