Mercedes the Latest big name to Sign up for Formula E

Quell your oil-laden shouts of “it isn’t proper Motorsport” and accept the inevitability of the future being automotive electrification. Peak oil happened back in 2009 and the world is changing. Jump on the electric-powered bandwagon before it’s too late!

You don’t have to trade in your Citreon Saxo McDonald’s Car-park racer for a Tesla just yet, but a massive roster of manufacturers are getting behind Formula E because the technology they’re developing is more relevant and sustainable.


Mercedes have just announced that they’ve booked their slot on the Formula E grid for the 2018/19 season. The announcement is a massive boost (not fan boost *shivers*) for the championship. Toto Wolff said,

“We have been watching the growth of Formula E with great interest. At the current time, we are looking at all the options available in the future of motor racing, and we are very pleased with an agreement that secures us an opportunity to enter the series in Season 5.

Electrification will play a major role in the future of the automotive industry. Racing has always been a technology R&D platform for industry and this will make Formula E very relevant in the future.”

– Toto Wolff


Alongside the giants that are Mercedes, Jaguar announced their participation for the 2016/17 season in collaboration with Panasonic and BMW are joining forces with Andretti for a factory entry for 2018/19.

The biggest issue with the Formula E Championship currently is the fact that drivers have to swap cars mid-race because a single battery in each vehicle can’t complete the full race distance. But McLaren Technologies has recently acquired the contract to supply the batteries for the Championship from 2018, this should create a battery that can complete the race distance, putting an end to this current issue.


Formula E’s Boss Alejandro Agag said,

“We could have taken two directions. Double the speed or double the distance. We’ve chosen to double the distance. It’s going to give a very clear sign of how much batteries have developed only in these four years of the Formula E championship.

We are [also] delighted to confirm that we have reserved one of our two new entries in Season 5 for MGP. Formula E wants to become the platform where car manufacturers test and develop the technologies that they will then introduce on their road cars.

Having the chance to include in the future a brand like Mercedes our Championship would be a major boost to achieve that objective. Formula E is becoming an exciting mix of consolidated manufacturers like Renault, Citroen-DS, Audi, Mahindra or Jaguar, and new futuristic brands like Faraday Future, NextEV, or the likes of major component manufacturers like Schaeffler and ZF. Mercedes would be a great addition to that growing line up.”

– Alejandro Agag



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