Mercedes Conspiracy Theories Rubbished from an Engineering Perspective

Mercedes technical chief Paddy Lowe couldn’t make it any clearer that the suggestion that the team would sabotage their own car is nonsensical. Still, a small percentage of Hamilton’s cult-like following aren’t about to negotiate reason into their arguments…


The accusations from some fans are verbal representations of frustration. They aren’t grounded in fact at all given that Hamilton has only retired twice this season. There aren’t any accusations thrown at other teams with drivers who have suffered even more retirements due to component failure, so why the call for wider conspiracy?

Paddy Lowe is clearly irritated by the uproar and why wouldn’t he be? After all, he represents the thousands of people who work behind the scenes to develop the Mercedes F1 car, He said,

“If we were good enough to arrange such sabotage, we wouldn’t have any failures. F1 is a tough business. The engineering operates right at the boundaries of performance so things do go wrong.

Anyone with an ounce of intelligence analyzing the situation would realize that the prospect of us designing a piece of equipment to fail at that precise moment… if we were that good we would be able to control everything.

If we invent something that makes us quicker then of course we want it in both cars because we want to win the race. We never hold back and never contemplate it. Anyone who is intelligent can work it out.”

– Paddy Lowe


It really is embarrassing that Lowe has to say this. It’s blatant to most, but there’ll always be a few who won’t be able to accept the less sensational but very real actuality. Hamilton’s engine failure was unfortunate and the team will be cautious for the Japanese Grand Prix. If Red Bull can apply the same levels of pressure this weekend, Mercedes might be inclined to take less out of the engine.


Following the Practice sessions in which the Mercedes duo topped the time sheets, Lowe added,

“It’s great to be back here at this fantastic circuit with all the amazing and enthusiastic fans at every turn. It was nice to get some dry weather which we didn’t get last year and it allowed us to run through our programme and execute to plan, looking at all three tyres on both single and long-run pace. At this stage, our strategy for Sunday still remains wide open and we need to go through all the data overnight in order to start making plans for the race.”

– Paddy Lowe


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