Ecclestone: ‘Nothing will Change Regarding F1 Management’

We recently reported that Ross Brawn was definitely being lined up to take on a role within F1’s management structure because a reliable source was saying as such. Now, it seems less instantly feasible as change remains the enemy of Ecclestone and co.


What Brawn is doing, for now, is consulting Liberty Media in defining the future of the sport (Is that a small gig?). Ecclestone continues to be loud about his own relevance and denied the Ross Brawn spin with,

“I would be happy if he went to the FIA. But he can’t do anything for us at the moment. We don’t need an engineer or someone with Ross’ skills.

I haven’t spoken to him in a long time. I have no idea what he will do.

I’m staying as the boss. This will not change. I can assure everyone that everything is staying as it is.

It’s quite simple — the Concorde Agreement runs until 2020. Until then, the teams and the rules cannot and will not change.”

– Bernie Ecclestone

So the small-print of the Concorde Agreement essentially disallows changes, even necessary ones, from occurring. It sounds a lot like Liberty Media want Ross Brawn to be involved in some way, even the BBC report that denied Brawn’s position completely goes on to say –

“Ecclestone has said he has been given a three-year contract but there has been no official confirmation from Liberty.

The 86-year-old is expected to leave in the medium to long term, and many insiders believe he will be replaced by at least two executives – one to look after the commercial side of the sport; the other the sporting side.”

– BBC Sport

So we’ve probably got a whiff of Liberty Media’s post-Bernie plan. Bring in a commercial overseer in Zak Brown and a Sporting Boss in Brawn.

Ultimately, this whole saga of succession sounds like it exists in a Game of Thrones setting rather than reality. There’s this old king who’s on the Iron Throne for too long yeah, and then there’s loads of outsiders proclaiming to be kings themselves, and the current king starts to give quotes to loads of media sources stating his own importance in order to hush up the Usurpers. Really, it sounds like the current king doesn’t believe the kingdom can go on without him.


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