Is The Future of Motorports Electric?

What do the recent developments in renewable and electric fuel sources spell for Motorsports?

Blasphemy. I know. But bear with me. We’re running out of finite resources on this rock suspended in a void we call home. We’ve known this for decades, yet only in the last several years have we seen the leaps needed to prove that electric vehicles wouldn’t be the equivalent of wimpy-ass Rascal scooters.

With Tesla at the forefront, we’ve seen that electric vehicles can back up their bark with bite. The advancements are made incrementally, but steadily. While mass-production and worldwide penetration is still a facet that remains to be seen from electric vehicles, there is no denying it: They’re here, and they’re here to stay.


Formula E has been experimenting with bringing the power of electric vehicles to the racetrack since its inception. The entire league can be viewed as a bold attempt to bring climate change awareness to the masses. It begs the question though: Could electric vehicles be the future of Motorsports, or is combustion here to stay?

Now, in an ideal world, we could absolutely say that we’d wish all vehicles out on the roads operated on safe, clean, and renewable energy. If we could get away with the same (if not better) performance in an electric car, why wouldn’t’ we?

Above: whilst on the topic of Motorsports raising climate change awareness – check out the above video. It’s got some gnarly footage of a Formula E car shredding it on an iceberg.

The world of Motorsports, is a different beast altogether. Combustion is in its blood, in its roots. And let’s be honest, no one got a three-quarter chubby from hearing a Formula E car whine at the starting line when compared to the rumble of a combustion engine. The very sounds themselves incite a drastically different response.


One could easily see a future where even though general transport vehicles are replaced with more efficient fuel models, Motorsports are allowed to retain their combustion engines with strict emission caveats in place and such.

Either way, it’s going to be interesting to watch the landscape of Motorsports evolve over the next couple of years. Who knows what kind of hybrid leagues or vehicles we might see an emergence of?

But let’s be honest, we’ve all been waiting on one Motorsport to emerge our whole lives: pod racing.

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Obi Fun Kenobi

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