Alonso Expects McLaren’s 2017 Aero to Negate Honda-Power Deficit

Fernando Alonso is at the end of his tether, Jenson Button has called it a day. The two World Champions have had a better season than the lows of 2015, but the audience has yet again been denied a real battle towards the front from arguably two of the bigger talents on the grid. 


Alonso has still put in some machine-defying performances with three finishes in the top-six. With mention earlier on in the season that the Spaniard will decide his Formula One future based on the success of the devolution of regulations surrounding design, Alonso will want something more aggressive and more on the edge than McLaren’s current car.

 “After struggling a lot last year, this year we found ourselves in an enjoyable position, fighting or competing with the midfield cars. Next year we want to do the final step and fight much more than this.

We have a great opportunity with new rules because everything will mix and if we are able to produce a quick car in race one we have a chance to do well. I’m confident because McLaren is a big team with a lot of resources, and possibilities.

So it’s looking good for next year and I’m looking forward to it.”

– Fernando Alonso


Whilst the team has endured a few difficult season’s under Honda’s gradual progress, the chassis of the McLaren hasn’t been disappointing. The aero department will be working so much overtime that they will be hooked on coffee to the degree that they’ll be injecting it and stealing car radio’s from the car park of the Woking HQ to feed their caffeine habit. The winter will be a long one for everyone involved in the design process of the 2017 challenger, hopefully their efforts will be rewarded with a podium challenger at least.



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