Vettel – ‘Ferrari Results a low-point in 2016’

It has been another difficult season for Ferrari who have failed to register a win this season and have allows Red Bull to creep past them in the Driver Standings. It hasn’t been a complete disaster but it has been mildly disappointing, like the third Hobbit film, No Man’s Sky or Wednesday’s in general.


Their 2016 campaign will fall into anonymity and Sebastian Vettel hopes this will be because 2017 will finally be their year.

“We can’t be proud of this year because we came through the season wanting to fight for the championship,” Vettel said. “It is the target for next year, that is very clear. It is an enormous challenge for all of the teams including ourselves to get the cars ready for next year with so many changes but that is what we are here for.

Overall I think the car is a very good step from last year and I think our performance was probably better than the results we have shown at times but the circumstances haven’t always been the best.”

– Sebastian Vettel


Vettel has been verbally frustrated at many Grand Prix, his swear-fests now an expected element of a race. The question remains, how many “MOVE OVER FOR F*CK SAKE’s” will we be hearing before Ferrari win a Formula One race again?

Motorsport.Com’s in-house technical expert Giorgio Piola offers very interesting insight into why Vettel has struggled more than Kimi Raikkonen this season, stating that,

“As such, much has been made about the improvement of Raikkonen in comparison to Vettel in the latter part of the year but, where the German has seemingly sacrificed more of his GP preparation to help understand next year’s car it has often left him under prepared for the current challenge.”

– Girgio Piola


This suggests that the Raikkonen Renaissance is actually Vettel’s 2017 preparations in disguise. Nonetheless, Ferrari have fallen short of their own expectations again this season.

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