Hamilton Reveals the best Psychological Game he can play against Rosberg

Amidst the accusations that Lewis Hamilton has been using his time in press conferences to play mind games with Nico Rosberg ahead of the title-deciding finale, the Brit has revealed the only psychological game he intends to play.

When the competition between the Silver Arrows is so tight, factors that are rarely given much thought fall into the realms of speculation, a mechanic mash-up on both sides of the Mercedes garage has fallen into question.


Toto Wolff has clarified that the reason behind moving some of Hamilton’s mechanics over to Rosberg’s car has everything to do with the fluidity in which the team operates. Hamilton mentioned this topic in the Press Conference with Rosberg and some seem to believe he is playing a psychological trick as a result, casting doubt. Hamilton has since revealed, amidst talks of him being some sort of grim mastermind in the field of psychology, that there is only one psychological game he intends to play.

β€œRight now I am solely focused on qualifying. My focus is I need that pole position, that is my goal and what I am gunning for. Then tomorrow night I can start to think about what I am going to do in the race but right now zero per cent of my mind is on the race.

I don’t need to show strength anywhere else but on the track. I know where I am, what I need and I am working on doing the best I can this weekend.

I don’t plan on playing any psychological games. The best psychological game you can play is on the track so I have started good today and I need to keep it up this weekend.”

– Lewis Hamilton

Hamilton knows that the 2016 title is out of his hands, he can only focus on winning the race. For him to achieve the unlikely, Rosberg will have to fall into the clutches of the Red Bulls and Ferrari’s. Based on the pace shown in FP2, it will take some sort of mechanical failure for this to be realized on Sunday.

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