51-year-old boxer gets KO’d out of the ring in his last ever fight

Do not get it twisted. Bernard Hopkins is a complete bad ass.

He has struck fear into the hearts and minds of other boxers since 1988. That’s right, he’s been in the ring for 28 straight years trading punches with some of the greatest boxers of all time; guys like Roy Jones, Jr. and Oscar de la Hoya. His final record was 55-8-2 and he’s only been KO’d once…during the last fight of his career.

Hopkins has won titles and taken beatings during in an impressive career that has seen over 500 professional rounds. One of his biggest victories came against de la Hoya, who he put down with a nasty shot to the liver and a follow up to the side of his head in 2004.

This isn’t the first time this has happened, a few other fighters have literally been punched out the ring. Jared Robinson was punched through the by the gloves of Amir Imam back in 2014.

Of course there’s also the infamous over the top rope shit canning that Jerry Hackney took as he tried to desperately to run away from a fight.

All in all, Bernard Hopkins should not be looked down upon for this. This was the first time he’d ever been knocked out. EVER.

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