Pastor Maldonado eyeing Return to F1 in 2017 – Proceeding Quantity of Memes ‘likely’ to Break Internet

Pastor Maldonado might be closer to a Formula One return in 2017 than even he is letting on. He’s a race-winner but more crucially, he’s been doing a chunk of testing for Pirelli on their 2017 compounds. 

With Sauber and Manor still actively looking for drivers, Pastor Maldonado has revealed that he currently holding talks with several teams. he said,

“I’m talking to some teams and am quite optimistic. Unfortunately, circumstances pushed me out of the world of Formula 1, and you know getting back in through the front door is never easy, but we are working hard and I hope to have some good news in the coming weeks.

At first it was hard to accept not being in Formula 1, but after witnessing the performance by Renault I can say it helped me to feel better.

This year I spent a lot of time with my family. I needed that, to enjoy time with my daughter, watch her grow, take her to school. That makes you larger as a person, as an athlete, as a whole.

I am discussing with some teams in the midfield and hope to be on the F1 grid in Australia. Obviously I do not exclude racing in other categories, but my priority is to race in F1.”

– Pastor Maldonado


Everyone’s favourite crashaholic might be making a comeback! The pursuing memes should he be on the grid in Australia are ‘likely’ to cause damage (duh) to the internet of things – the internet of things that aren’t things remains safe.

“When we heard of Pastor’s likely return we planned ahead and made more space on the internet, but it isn’t enough. There are already Crashtor memes coming in from everywhere and we might have to remove Amazon or eBay to create some more free space.”

– Mayor of the Internet


The current Formula One grid was last seen huddling in a corner together in therapy, comforting one another and shuddering at the news.


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