Lorenzo: “Ducati is the Ferrari of MotoGP”

It seems that Jorge Lorenzo is feeling right at home in his new team. The Spaniard is over the moon with his future in Ducati.

After terminating his nine-year tenure at Yamaha, it was anyone’s guess how Lorenzo would fare on the Ducati side of the coin. The answer is “pretty damn well.” Lorenzo has recently issued several statements in regards to his impressions his new ride.

“You can’t really compare. They are different bikes and sensations. The Ducati is an Italian bike, a special brand with fans all over the world, like the Ferrari in F1. It is something unique.” – Jorge Lorenzo


Perhaps he’s still thinking back to the week where he got to take an F1 car out on the road for a pretty spin, but Lorenzo’s appreciation of the machine appears to be genuine. No sponsor ass-kissing here. Lorenzo’s been known to be a hardcore F1 fan – the guy has one of Senna’s helmets for fuck’s sake – and to hear him heap this sort of praise on both the new team and new bike is a good sign of things to come.

Lorenzo has always struck me as a bit of a wildcard when it came to MotoGP. The man is clearly a capable rider on two wheels, but has always had his eyes on the four-wheeled folks at F1. His chance at taking the F1 car out for a test might have been a “dream come true” for him, but I wouldn’t be surprised if his test run has whet his appetite for something a bit more direct and involved.


MotoGP certainly has a younger retirement age than F1, – unless you’re Rossi and hellbent on proving that age means nothing – it would be a fascinating and somewhat unprecedented move for Jorge to jump ship into a new yet not entirely unfamiliar Motorsport. Wishful daydreaming aside, Lorenzo’s certainly bringing a lot of energy into 2017; a strategy that can only serve him well.

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