Rossi to Follow in Lorenzo’s F1 Footsteps?

Hot on the heels of former teammate Jorge Lorenzo, it looks as if MotoGP’s living legend Valentino Rossi will be swapping out his two wheels with four in the future.


Well, that’s if Toto Wolff has his way. It seems that the old sport really enjoyed what Lorenzo’s maiden voyage out in an F1 car did for viewership that he’d now like to replicate it with Rossi – and I don’t blame him. Rossi is one of the best the sport has had, there’s almost a feeling owing that man a test race in an F1 car. Curiosity gets the best of you and hot damn you just wanna see what happens.

The first time is a freebie. The second time might be a desire to see if they can even get Rossi to, but a third? At that point it’ll look as if they’re testing MotoGP candidates for a post-bike career in F1 after their bodies have had enough. I’ll be the first to say that I think MotoGP is in a better position for viewership than F1 is. The sport feels much more dynamic with the amount of adjustments made over the season, and it hasn’t been subjected to a domineering team wiping the floor with the competition *cough* Mercedes *cough*. I’m certain I’ll get shit for that, and we’re all aware of the regulation change for 2017…


Point being, the FIA is striving to make sure that F1 has many, many more years ahead of it. And it makes sense for them to be looking at the premier class of the two-wheeled breed – even if it is to get bike riders on four wheels for novelty. But if this sort of class/sport swapping becomes a trend, it’s gonna be strange as hell without some more transparency. Are we just doing this shit for kicks guys, or is there something more going on here?

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