Three reasons behind Carl Edwards’ Decision to Leave NASCAR

It’s a bit of a shame when a driver who was a protagonist in the fight for the championship last season decides to call it a day, but Carl Edwards has announced that he won’t be taking part in NASCAR for the upcoming season. 

Edwards has given three reasons for his departure from the grid, listing off his personal health, the length of the season and his satisfaction with his career as the decisive factors.


Carl Edwards said,

“I’m truly, personally satisfied with my career. ‘Well, you don’t have a championship.’ Well, Jimmie (Johnson) has extras. You guys know I don’t race just for the trophies.

This is a neat journey for me. I’m aware of the challenges. You know how it is. It’s scary in so many ways to go racing. Go from that. I feel accomplished. I know sitting in that car, I’m the best I can be. Long-winded but I’m saving you a year of this stuff.

It’s not just physical time. I think about racing all day, wake up and have dreams about it. How I’ve been doing it for 20 years,” he said. “I need to take that time right now and devote it to people and things that are important and I’m really passionate about.”

– Carl Edwards

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Carl Edwards - retiring ahead of 2017 NASCAR season
Carl Edwards announced his retirement in January 2017 – CREDIT: CC BY-SA 4.0 User:Nascarking

Edwards has had a career filled with success, his sudden move a shock to team owner Joe Gibbs, who added,

“When he sat down in front of me, I was totally surprised. Carl Edwards has made an indelible mark on NASCAR. His hard-charging driving style has led to memorable moments that will live forever in the history of our sport.

Carl’s passion and personality will greatly be missed – as will the signature backflips that NASCAR fans have come to expect following his victories. We wish Carl nothing but the best as he enters this next phase in life.”

– Joe Gibbs

Between the Xfinity and Cup Series,  Edwards picked up 49 pole positions, won 66 races and finished in the top ten 397 times. He will be a loss to the paddock, but has at least left the sport on his own terms.


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