One week left to save Manor Racing

Preparations for pre-season testing ahead of the 2017 Formula 1 season are well underway, with many looking forward to seeing what the all new cars can deliver. But for one team, it looks like they may not see the fruits of their labours. Manor Racing it seems, are sadly going to leave us…


Reports have come out today saying that their is just one week left to save the beleaguered squad. Investment it appears is yet to arrive and whilst the 2017 car is ready to be put in production, nothing can be done to it as the administrators need to protect the creditors. All expenditure has been blocked until ownership is found.


It is encouraging though for any investors that they are not buying into a team that isn’t ready. 2015 saw them forced to cobble together a year-old car modified for the upcoming season and no preseason testing was completed. This time though, if investment is found, testing can be completed providing the car is built in time and the team will be able to head to Melbourne.  So in that regard, it’s a straightforward purchase and the staff will get straight back to it. But sadly, it’s still quiet on the investment front. The people with the interest and willingness to take on the venture have yet to be found. It is somewhat staggering, given how much the team have improved since 2014 and ’15, and how they came so close to taking another top ten finish in the championship.


The deadline is rumoured to be the 20th January. As soon as it ticks over to the 21st, if no one has been found, Manor Racing are gone. It is a sad, sad time for Formula 1 as the whole affair highlights the lack of funding lower teams get and the severe unwillingness of the sport to do anything about it. Whatever happens, Manor are always going to be in our hearts and we all wish them the best. Formula 1 needs the little guy, and Manor were the little guys poised to become that bit bigger in 2017.


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