World RX Launches new RX2 – A Cost-Effective Feeder Series for Younger Drivers

The World Rallycross Championship launched its brand new RX2 car at the Autosport International show and the format is absolutely on-point. RX2 is the newly-branded RX Lites Cup, and gives nurtures up and coming drivers in identical machinery that is much more affordable than RX.

Each driver in the Championship uses identical RX2 cars, creating an even playing field in which the only differences on-track are determined by driver ability. The car being used is a nifty 310bhp, four-wheel-drive mid-engined beast.


Sarah McRoberts, Marketing Communications Manager for Cooper Tire Europe, said,

“It’s important to us to assist drivers coming up through the ranks, as well as those in the top-flight World Rallycross category.  RX2 is now a clear stepping stone to World RX. We are delighted to be sponsor of the series, which puts the Cooper Tires brand on the podium, on all the cars, and all of the drivers’ suits.”

– Sarah McRoberts

The following for World RX is on the rise, the format providing thrilling heats in which four drivers battle out over a mixed terrain lap with various obstacles including jumps and drifting hairpins. There’s also the joker lap feature in which each driver must take an alternately set-up lap configuration once during each race, adding another tactical element to the show.


Paul Bellamy, World RX Managing Director for IMG, added,

“We decided to rebrand RX2 at the end of 2016 season to bring it more in line with the World Championship. This year we are making it a truly international series by including rounds in Europe, North America and Africa.

In 2015, we witnessed Kevin Hansen winning the RX2 series and the following year he stepped up to Supercar and won the FIA European Rallycross Championship which just goes to prove that it is the perfect platform for young drivers to hone their talent before moving up to compete on the world stage.”

– Paul Bellamy

RX2 aims to provide a cost-effective feeder series to the Rallycross stage and the renaming and alignment with seven events on the World RX calendar makes RX2 an obvious choice for hopeful Rallycross youngsters to cut their teeth and gain experience.


The RX2 series was founded by Olsbergs MSE owner Andreas Eriksson and he concluded,

“All of the races we have on the calendar are great races, we’re trying to go to new places that we haven’t been before, but we also want to keep the big races we’ve already been to. I think people will be surprised when we announce more news for next year, because we’ve worked really hard to keep the costs down and to have more benefits for the guys doing the whole series.”

– Andreas Eriksson




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