Our Favourite 2017 NASCAR Paint Scheme

Tamhas Woods

Past and present, the world of motorsport has given us a NASCAR paint scheme or two which has ensnared the mind.

These days, a garish lime-green decor, and the heavy presence of Skittles®, is now readily associated with an unstoppable Kyle Busch at the peak of his powers in 2015. Vivid schemes and “throwbacks” are a common feature in modern NASCAR, with sponsorship contributing much to the visual cocktail.

The upcoming season certainly has a few significant designs in the pipeline. At ClickOn motorsport, we like good-looking cars, trawling social media for the best of the best – and here (in our humble opinion) they are!

5. Chase Elliott (#24)

Chase Elliott with a great NASCAR paint scheme

Chase Elliott did not disappoint in his first full season as the #24 driver. It is only a matter of time before Elliott improves on the second place finish he gained at Michigan in August 2016, and this car will certainly be one to watch.

The white racing stripes are a clear motif for the sort of fast driving that can only go hand-in-hand with youthful exuberance.


4. Daniel Suarez (#19)

Credit: Matt Weaver
Credit: Matt Weaver

Daniel Suarez has been firmly thrust into the limelight, after becoming 2016 cup finalist Carl Edwards’ replacement. This design boasts excellent composition between logos and colours.




3. Danica Patrick (#10)


Like Danica herself, this design is very radiant. An unassuming baby-blue hue also acts as a foil to her potential for aggression.




2. Kevin Harvick (#4)

harvickSince its revelation to the public, this Busch Beer design has gained mixed reactions on social media.





1. Jimmie Johnson (#48) – Our favourite 2017 NASCAR paint scheme!


This is the best we’ve seen for a long time. The seven-time champion has never looked like anything less than a heavyweight when bearing the Kobalt brand.

Quite simply, this is a car fit for a winner.

Which one is your favourite? Comment below to tell us, or if you have any other suggestions!

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