Manor Racing receive a reprieve…

Henry Kelsall

In just the space of a day, it has gone from looking like the end of Manor Racing to there suddenly being a glimmer of hope…

Reports came in yesterday that the Asian consortium who came so close to buying the team recently are now talking to the administrators about going all the way and taking over the team, and other parties are rumoured to be interested. Staff are still working at the factory and have been paid until the end of January. This also means there is an extra week for the administrators to sort out a deal, the deadline now being towards the end of January.


The team are also weighing up their options for the car they will use if they are rescued. The FIA has reportedly given them the permission to do a 2015, and run a modified version of the previous year’s car. However, with the 2017 car being in a much more advanced stage of development than the original 2015 car was, this is likely to just be temporary until the new car is built. If the team is saved on time then they might even be able to get a full 2017 car to the first race and potentially to pre-season testing, probably at the second test.


From looking like it was the end, it now looks like there is a chance we will see them return. With interested parties talking to the team and ways around the car dilemma, Manor have a real chance of survival. The administrators are doing a commendable job in giving them every chance of survival. Every finger is crossed that they make it to Melbourne and beyond…

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