Formula 1 in 2017 Set to be Brutal

With engine changes, upended regulations, and brand new tires, the 2017 Formula 1 cars are on the course to be some of the most aggressive ever – but is that a good thing?

Martin Brundle, former F1 racer turned sport commentator has spoken out on some of the potential detriments to the sport with the 2017 changes. There has been a plethora of tweaks to the Formula 1 ruleset, and Brundle is keenly aware of the impacts they can make.


Brundle believes that the significantly higher level of tire grip, in conjunction with the additional downforce the 2017 chassis offers will be problematic in the creation of a dynamic – and highly watchable – motorsport.

“It’s certainly going to be different, the cars are going to be brutal, in theory, I think we’ve gone the wrong way in terms of making the racing better. You hear some stories that some corners will be reclassified as straights.” – Martin Brundle

At face value, wider tires and a wider chassis does stir up something within the average mindset of “bigger is better” – I’ll be the first to say I’m guilty of this. The 2017 models will just look sexier. But in F1 aesthetics are not everything.

“Put that into a car with a lot more downforce and 25 percent bigger tyres – the whole thing is 11 percent wider – it is going to be a monster to drive. Whether it makes better racing or not, we’ll find out. The braking distances will be shorter too. More grip means they might be braking four or five metres later. That means you have less opportunity to overtake.” – Martin Brundle


It’s anyone’s guess as to how the 2017 models will impact the sport. Unfortunately, we’ll have to put on our good racing fans caps and do what we’ve always done when it comes to speculating: shut the hell up and watch the race.

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