Appalling scandal more proof NFL doesn’t care about women

The NFL’s miserable handling of New York Giants kicker Josh Brown is the embodiment of systematic incompetence and hypocrisy.

Ray Rice. Greg Hardy. Josh Brown.

Repeat those names as you watch the NFL parade their players, coaches, and officials around in pink accessories to honor women and the fight against breast cancer during games. The annual pink spectacle is nothing more than a laughable farce. The NFL does not protect women until public backlash and outcry inundate media lanes, causing the bumbling neanderthal that is the National Football League to act.

Now renowned domestic abuser Josh Brown embodies the fallacy that the NFL has become tough on domestic violence after Ray Rice was excommunicated from the league.

Brown was suspended the first game of this season after being arrested in May 2015 on domestic violence charges for attacking Molly Brown, his now ex-wife, in Washington. That day, Molly Brown’s statement to the police alleged that she had experienced over twenty, over twenty, acts of violent behavior from Josh Brown.

Following the arrest, Josh Brown not only retained his job, he was re-signed (!!!!!!) by the Giants. Giants’ president and co-owner John Mara spewed this inane bullshit on August 25th about Brown,

A lot of times there’s a tendency to try to make these cases black and white. They are very rarely black and white. You very rarely have a Ray Rice video. There are allegations made, you try to sort through the facts, you try to make an informed decision. That’s what we did.

John Mara

“Informed decision,” my ass. Thursday proved for the umpteenth time how insidious the NFL can be.

During the Pro Bowl, the NFL helped move Molly Brown to another hotel room in order to avoid an drunkenly aggressive Josh Brown. Knowing of Josh Brown’s violent behavior yet playing dumb in public, this is the exact kind of duplicitous and untrustworthy rhetoric infamously used by the NFL .

Giants owner John Mara on Josh Brown: “He admitted to us he’d abused his wife in the past. What’s a little unclear is the extent of that.”

Reading these words is horrifying, infuriating, and not surprising. Surely, Josh Brown has been let go by the Giants after Thursday’s news. Nope. Brown was simply deemed inactive for their game in London on Sunday.

Where is the culpability? After all this new information, how the hell is Josh Brown employed? Only tarnishing the shield’s reputation results in some kind of half-hearted discipline. Since the Giants refused to release Brown, the NFL, under immense pressure from media and the public, placed the kicker on the Commissioner Exempt list, hopefully ending his career in New York.

Domestic abuse and domestic violence destroy families and alter, sometimes end, lives. The NFL needs to proactively try to stop these atrocities instead of pink cleats, towels, and whistles. Instead of a battleground on the field, the league’s silence has continued a hunting ground off it.

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