10 Unlikely F1 Teams that Managed to Secure One Pole Position in their History

Who doesn’t like the underdog pulling the unimaginable out of the bag? It can be interchangeable weather, a perfect set-up, or the bigger teams slipping up spectacularly. Here are 10 F1 teams that secured only a single pole position in their history.

What they said:

“I don’t know [how it’s happened],” said 36-year-old Fisichella. “It’s unbelievable – I didn’t expect to be on pole position, especially after yesterday. I was sixth and was quite surprised.

There was a lot of understeering. The measurement on the downforce was not good. This morning it was much better straightaway, and it was even better in qualifying than I expected.

It’s amazing. I’m so happy about that. I need to thank the team. They did a fantastic job.”

– Giancarlo Fisichella


“Unbelievable. Incredible. I was talking with my engineers and we said if it’s wet we have to go for pole position. It was difficult. The most difficult part was the Ascari chicane, where there was so much water. I never dreamt of being on pole.

I wasn’t very happy with the car in the wet yesterday but we made some changes overnight and it was much better today. And when you are confident in your car it is much easier in the wet.

In the second session it was quite difficult. I set my time quite early, and it got wetter and wetter, so the ones who delayed going out had a bit of bad luck.”

– Sebastian Vettel

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