Look Out Rossi: Vinales is Determined to Fight for the Title

Movistar Yamaha’s MotoGP signing of Vinales changed the teammate dynamic between Vinales and Rossi – but is history set to repeat itself?

After Lorenzo bid farewell and hopped over yonder to Ducati, the net has been full of speculation as to what kind of relationship newcomer Vinales and Rossi would have.

The pair have issued statements previously that sought to confirm their cooperation heading into the 2017 season. And yet, recent comments by Vinales have hinted at a slightly different modus operandi.

“I know, I will need experience with the Yamaha in the races – but I think already from the first race we can start to think to fight, to fight for the title. It’s important to start with this mentality.” – Maverick Vinales

We’ve no idea what his teammate has to say on Vinale’s statements, but it’s good to see such young rider prepared to give the Old Guard a run for their money. Rossi’s an incredible challenge, but Vinales has proven that he can tear it up out on the track multiple times over.


Has Rossi learned his lesson from his time spent with Lorenzo? Or are we just winding ourselves up for another season of eventual bickering and feuding? Here’s to hoping that’s not the way things turn out, but Rossi strikes me as the type of fellow who might feel more than a little threatened when younger riders challenge his dominance. And people tend to have the nasty habit of lashing out when they’re threatened.

Either way, Vinales’ confidence in himself and his newly-acquired Yamaha machine is sure to only improve his chances of shooting out to the front of the grid once the 2017 season gets underway.

“When you’ve already had one bike that you go every time 100 percent, even Friday in the morning – then you’re used to doing that. If I can bring to Yamaha 110 percent all the time, I think the bike’s going to be at a really good level.” – Maverick Vinales

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