Formula E Race Potentially Behind Schedule with Brussels Hang-up

New-kid-on-the-block Formula E has hit a snag in its 2016/2017 race schedule after a conflicting schedule with another event has come to light.

Man, can Formula E ever catch a break? There they are, pushing into the uncharted territory of electric Motorsports whilst being collectively looked down upon by many old-school Motorsport aficionados, and now someone’s gone and thrown a wrench into their schedule.

Not that I’m implying malicious activity, mind, but scheduling conflicts are putting the Formula E organizers’ asses to the fire in time for the July 1st, 2017 race.

The Formula E administration has said that they are willing to postpone the race until the 2017/2018 season as they do not want to commit to a circuit in which they don’t have complete confidence in.

It feels like Formula E has been fighting an uphill battle for several years now – although once can suppose that is to be expected when your sport is entirely based around the controversial decision to exclude fuel (also see: “lifeblood of Motorsports”) from your sport.

This isn’t the first change Formula E has seen to it’s 2017 lineup. They are reportedly changing their Berlin venue away from the city-street circuit used last year and instead utilising the Tempelhof Airport in 2017.

I’m sure that cordoning off sections of active city-streets is a logistical hurdle any city would be reluctant to indulge in, but there’s this creeping suspicion that Formula E’s viewership turnout is still significantly behind that of more “pure-bred” motorsports.

That being said, the administration has done all it can to ensure that the transition into 2017 is a smooth one and that the sport offers as little disruption to its fans as possible

It might be a long way to the top, but keep on truckin’ FE – you’ll get there soon enough.

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