The 5 Most Effective 1-2 Teammates in Formula One History

In the current Mercedes era, you could fall on the assumption that a team achieving a 1-2 finish is commonplace in F1. However, in Formula One’s overalls history, it has been a much rarer instance than you might expect.

Here are, statistically, the most effective 1-2 teammate finishers in Formula One history:

What they thought of each other:

“He drove as if the devil was behind him and angels ahead.”

– Ascari on Farina


“He was the best Formula 1 driver of his day. I knew that if I kept my eyes on him and followed his line, I would be very fast. But I saw no chance of being faster than him.”

– Moss on Fangio


Even now, all these years later, it’s difficult for me to talk about Ayrton, and not only because he’s not here anymore. When he died, I said I felt a part of me had died also, because our careers had been so bound together. I know some people thought I wasn’t sincere, but I meant it.

He was very religious, and he used to go on about speaking the truth, about his education, his upbringing and so on. I used to think that some of the things he did on the track didn’t fit with all that, but he believed he was always in the right.

When people ask me who was the best driver I ever raced against, I say, “Senna, by a long way.” Whatever our problems, one thing that never changed was our respect for each other as drivers, and once we were not rivals anymore, everything was different.

I look back on those days now and think to myself, “Why did we put ourselves through all that? Why did it have to get so venomous?” I used to say to people, “You’re a fan of Ayrton Senna? Good, that’s fine, but please don’t hate me!” If we had to do it all again, I’d say to Ayrton, “Listen, we’re the best. Between us, we can screw all the others!”

– Prost on Senna

McLaren - Ayrton Senna (1988) and Alain Prost (1989)



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