Rossi’s Already Throwin’ it Down at Sepang

Valentino Rossi seems to be in a jabbing spirit at the Sepang test, offering some stirring words to fellow rivals Marquez and Lorenzo.

I love watching Rossi feel good about his riding. It seems to always bring out the big-dick seniority that he loves to drop on the heads of other riders. We’re only at the Sepang pre-season tests, and we’re already getting bits of that well-known fiery Italian demeanor from Rossi.


Rossi took the time to comment on his performance first and foremost – acknowledging the late start due to weather conditions at Sepang whilst also placing that sweet 20-lap lead he had over Marquez during the test front and center.

“In the end it was a good day, because this morning we lost a lot of time waiting for the track conditions. We did more than 50 laps. We had some important stuff to try and more-or-less everything was quite positive. My pace was quite good and at the end I do one time attack and I am in fourth position.” – Valentino Rossi

Whether it’s just an air of familiarity at this point that Rossi has with Yamaha, his advantage over the Ducati and Honda riders is clear – and he knows it. Wasting no time, Rossi transitioned to comment on the status of his opposition:

“I’m sure Lorenzo will be ready to try and win in Qatar, because already today he was fast. He was not so bad and did some good laps. Speaking about Honda – and especially Marquez – we have to wait tomorrow at 6pm because for sure today he worked with use tires, long runs and he ‘hide’! But I’m not surprised if tomorrow he puts the new tires and give half-a-second to everybody.” – Valentino Rossi

Rossi thinks Marquez is “hiding”? Listen, maybe I’m just such a goddamn greenhorn that I’m misconstruing that statement for something positive, but I’ll be damned if Rossi isn’t aiming a little salt at the youthful Spaniard.

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