F1: Playing Dumb Until the Launch

Pirelli Motorsports Director Paul Hembery issued statements regarding the next few weeks of F1 team testing. Looks like we’re for some smokescreen tactics folks.

Hot damn. If things continue on in this fashion F1 is going to be more intriguing to watch than Game of Thrones. Then again, reality at this point has somehow outdone even the writing of George R.R. Martin, so I suppose that anything is game at this point. It looks like Pirelli’s Paul Hembery is acutely aware that some teams might already possess untold advantages over the others. After all, just what have these folks been tinkering around on over the winter?

Source: Autosport
Source: Autosport

“I think we will get an idea in Barcelona, but I think there will be a lot of sandbagging and hiding in Barcelona. I don’t think anyone will show their hand because the aero package is so different that I am sure there will be a few dummy runs for the teams that feel confident in their simulations. They don’t want to give any team a one month head up to what rolls out of the garage in Melbourne.” – Paul Hembery

There you have it folks. In case you are watching the tests and are thinking to yourself “why aren’t they pulling out all the stops?”, remember, sandbagging prevents rivals from knowing what’ truly hiding in the locker. Maybe covertly placed adrenaline syringes under the driver’s seat for that much needed mid-race boost? You might think I’m being facetious, but I’ve been saying for years that what the sport really needs is a new generation of doped-up drivers who’ll fly into a bloodthirsty road rage out on the track.

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Then again. You can’t always get what you want. I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see what the teams really show off in Melbourne.

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