Ford Believes that IndyCar isn’t Relevant

Ford’s Performance Director Dave Pericak offered some blunt words regarding the company’s role in Motorsports – and it doesn’t look like things’ll change.

When you look at the way most manufacturers involve themselves with Motorsports it tends to make sense. Some see the chance to get their gear out on the track as a testbed for prototypical technology, F1 and MotoGP are built around that fact. But there are plenty of examples where manufacturers willingly drop participation. It seems that IndyCar is one such case for Ford.

Indianapolis 500

There has been a fresh batch of unsubstantiated speculation that’s come out of the rumour mill regarding Ford’s involvement in IndyCar. Rumours which their Performance Director Dave Pericak was quick to squash.

“Yeah, there’s rumours flying again, it’s crazy. There are no plans for us to return to Indy, I can tell you that we’re not looking to do that. It’s partly due to the relevance. IndyCar is fun, it would be great to go and do it, but it’s not why we do what we do. It’s just not at the heart of what we’re doing.” – Dave Pericak

Pericak went on to explain that IndyCar just doesn’t offer the level of relevance to the company like the GT they compete it. The way they see it, GT’s are much more in-line with what they are focusing on improving. In Pericak’s eyes, racing isn’t really about the racing, but about the test environment that it provides. How much can you push your equipment? How fast can it go? How responsive is it?

“We use the track to test and improve our technologies, and bring it back into the road cars. That’s working well, not just on the GT but other products as well. To be able to leverage that program to polish the Ford oval and to communicate what Ford is about – our engineering prowess. It’s been really powerful.” – Dave Pericak

Personally, I can’t help but feel that it’s a bit of shame they’re willingly abstaining from their involvement in a Motorsport just because they feel they won’t be able to extract important data. Let me put this way Ford – get to building a street-legal IndyCar and you’ve already got my money.


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