The Dopest and Funniest Submissions for Lewis Hamilton’s Helmet Design Competition

Lewis Hamilton has made an inspired decision in allowing F1 fans to design his 2017 race helmet. The British three-time World Champion has yet again proven his accessibility with his online following. But this is the internet, and superb helmet designs have been mixed with hilarious, baffling, and outright weird designs too…


For the design competition, Lewis Hamilton explained on his Insta that,

“Do you want to design my racing helmet for the upcoming F1 season? I will meet the winner personally at one of the tracks to present them with the prize of a full size signed replica helmet. I’m on the look out for a dope new layout that evolves my current theme and features the candy apple red in my existing design.

I’ll be picking the design that I feel is the most stylish, inspiring, iconic and eye-catching. To enter, simply post your designs on your public Instagram account with the hashtag #LH44Design.”

This design would surely make any driver alongside Hamilton flinch…

A photo posted by F1 Game Gameplay ( on

This is Top Gear Netherlands contribution…

Hopefully, this one will win the contest, but it isn’t likely…

A photo posted by Vígh Valentin (@turokmaktou) on

This one is truly a work of beauty…

This one really is awesome:

A photo posted by dam artwork (@dam.artwork) on

This one is simple, but effective,

A photo posted by VAG (@axeasy) on

Just a random bit of screwing…

We’re not sure Hamilton needs to stand out much more than he already does, but this design would highlight him even more.

A photo posted by RACEMS (@race_artes) on


Will Lewis Hamilton be able to get his achilles heel sorted for next season’s opener in Australia? Here are some predictions for the opening race of 2017:

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