5 Manufacturers that Could Improve the F1 Grid

Manor’s unfortunate fate means that the grid for the 2017 season will see 10 teams and 20 cars compete. The newly formed consortium at the top of F1 are yet to shed light on whether they mean to refill the 11th grid slot.

Liberty Media’s long-term strategy is expectedly behind closed doors at the moment, but could a more cost-effective, risk averse strategy see manufacturers flock back to F1? Here are 5 Manufacturers that would bolster competitiveness throughout the F1 grid.

This week, Ford Performance Director Dave Pericak told Autosport that,

“We’re not really looking at F1.

I don’t see us getting into that any time soon.

Formula 1 is so expensive. If you look at every series we are in right now there is a relevance to all the goals and objectives we have, in developing our tools, technology and people and translating that into road cars.

Every series that we’re in has an element of that.”

– Dave Pericak

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Emerson Fittipaldi - #5 Marlboro Team Texaco McLaren M23 Ford V8 - 1974
Emerson Fittipaldi – #5 Marlboro Team Texaco McLaren M23 Ford V8 – 1974

It appears to be a conclusive statement to the pessimist, but the comments could also be perceived as negotiation (forever the optimist…). With Liberty Media only able to initiate their plans for the sport from 2018 onwards, the points of cost and road relevance are still open.

It makes blinding sense for an American Manufacturer to get involved in F1. If the big boys like Ford  can’t be arsed, another American Manufacturer has to be there to reap the rewards. Dodge F1 anyone?





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